The Spirit of Stillness - Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra

The Spirit of Stillness is a winter Yin Yoga workshop I offer each year. During the dormancy of winter we are encouraged to rest, reflect and conserve our energy. In many ways, some of us may feel we have already energetically entered that space during lockdown. An 'early' winter of sorts; house bound and inwardly focused.  For some it was bliss; a precious opportunity to rest, permission to not see anyone or do anything and for others chaotic, stressful or lonely. Like a cold dark winter; some may have wondered 'when will this end'?

Whilst Mother Nature may also have breathed deeper, rested and healed herself during lockdown, we are at the mercy of her cycles and there is no 'skipping' winter. We may argue 'but we've only just begun to go out again', but, like a Mother putting an over-tired child to bed, Winter beckons for us to move back in, back to our innate stillness. Unlike that child, hopefully we can surrender to her wisdom and not fight the flow of life.

We may also be processing personal and collective fear at this time (consciously or unconsciously). And it's important that we can acknowledge these fears instead of denying them (like the boogey man you are too afraid to check under the bed for!).  If we don't balance the emotion of fear we run the real risk of depleting the Qi of the Kidneys and Bladder which correspond to Winter and this emotion.  This workshop offers the opportunity and tools to discharge any imbalance and is an invitation to receive the inherent gifts of winter.

This workshop includes:

Basic Acupressure: To stimulate the Kidney and Bladder Meridians

Yin Yoga: A relaxing practice involving supported, long held stretches, targeting the Kidney and Bladder meridians.

Yoga Nidra: A 40 minute guided relaxation offering deep restoration and healing

Dates and Time:
Saturday 13th June 2020, 2.00pm - 4.30pm                              
Yoga Ground, 56 Surrey Crescent, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1011

Cost: $40
Booking: Please contact me to see if there is space available
Payments made to:

Yoga with Gemma
12 3136 0478728 00

What to Bring:
Your own mat, if you have one
(Depending on Lockdown level, you may also be asked to bring your own props TBC)

What to Wear:
Warm, comfortable layers (wooden floor, you may like socks)

Cancellation Policy: If cancelling with a weeks notice a full refund will be given. If cancelling with less than a weeks notice a refund will be given subject to a replacing student being found by either party.