Work With Yoga

Work with Yoga provides a huge range of benefits to both businesses and their employees. All you need is 45-90 minutes of uninterrupted time and a little bit of space. I supply mats for up to 16 participants, the expertise and lots of encouragement! Whether you are a business owner or an employee, check out the potential for workplace wellness below and get in touch to see how we can make this happen within your working week!

  • Increased productivity
  • Team building and improved staff dynamiccs
  • Employee retention
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Happier, healthier staff!
  • Reduced stress, physical tension and depression
  • Improved concentration and memory
  • Better posture
  • Improved Immune system
  • More energy, less lethargy


Quote upon request; factoring in location, duration and number of students. Please inquire. 

'Gemma has enhanced the lives of many employees at our workplace, including this guy. Health and well being are key aspects of our organisation and Gemma’s regular practice at our office is calming and energising at the same time. We have a wide range of abilities and injuries in our regular crew and Gemma caters for all, with adapted postures that achieve all the right things – strength, flexibility, and some mindfulness for good measure.  She has helped many with long term injuries, both physical and psychic, with her sagely advice. Beyond this, Gemma is just a joy to have in our extended work family and genuinely cares for our people. I would heartily recommend her practice or workshops, both of which I have attended.  I have been to a number of yogis throughout the years and Gemma is the best.' 
Mark Lewis, Boffa Miskell, Auckland.

'The health & well being of our people at Competenz is extremely important to us as an organisation, having yoga onsite is a great benefit for our employees.  We were very impressed with Gemma’s ability to tailor each session for the different levels of the class. She was very easy going and approachable who was able to relate to all participants well. We really enjoyed Gemma as a teacher and hope to be able to run sessions again shortly.' 
Competenz, Newmarket