The Spirit of Nourishment - Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra

Traditional Chinese Medicine recognises a 5th season called Late Summer. Lasting around a month, most of us know this season as a time of harvest. This season corresponds to the element of Earth and is a point of stillness in the cycle of the seasons. As we transition from the Yang (outward) energy of summer to the Yin (inward) energy of autumn and winter, we reap the nourishing bounty of the harvest and we are offered an opportunity to pause, assimilate and contemplate at every level of our being.

This workshop includes: 

Basic Acupressure: To open and stimulate the Spleen and Stomach meridians (associated with Late Summer)

Yin Yoga: A grounding and relaxing practice to harmonise the flow of energy through the Spleen and Stomach meridians

Yoga Nidra: A 40 minute deep relaxation offers the perfect tonic to anxiety and fatigue often caused by an imbalance of the Earth element.

All welcome

What to Bring:
Warm, comfortable layers (wooden floor, you may like socks)
A bolster, if you have one
Your own mat, if you have one

Date and Time: Saturday 2nd March 2019, 2.00-4.30pm
Where: Yoga Ground, 56 Surrey Crescent, grey Lynn, Auckland
Cost: $40
Booking: Please contact me to see if there is space available
Payments made to:

Yoga with Gemma
12 3136 0478728 00

Cancellation Policy: If cancelling with a weeks notice a full refund will be given. If cancelling with less than a weeks notice a refund will be given subject to a replacing student being found by either party.