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With many of us being instructed to stay home, and with gyms and studios being closed, I have decided to have a go at offering Yoga online. Please know that because I'm also at home, there is only so much I can control within my environment (things like noise and nosey cats). I appreciate your patience whilst I find the optimal set up.. we need Yoga, now, more than ever!

A Monthly Subscription for 'Yoga with Gemma Online' includes each week:

Tues AM - Yin Yoga class

Thurs AM - Hatha Yoga class

Sat AM - A Pranayama (breathing) and Meditation class OR a Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation)

PLUS 1- 2 Shorter bonus practices or tutorials

'Gemma’s online yoga has been a Godsend. Thank you so much Gemma for the variety of your classes in both content and length. There is something for everyone at different times and I feel both relaxed and energised after each class. I also enjoy the personal touches your cats accidentally bring. I miss the group classes but this more than makes up for it.' 
Annette Hugill, Auckland

Subscription Options

Option 1. Access Yoga Classes via the 'Yoga with Gemma Online' Facebook Group

  • Join the private Facebook group, where pre-recorded classes can be viewed and get instant access to the library of classes already posted!
  • Maintain a sense of community; the group is a great place to connect with other yogis for a bit of pre or post class banter (you are sure to see some familiar faces from your gyms, workplaces, studios and workshops!). 
  • It also serves as a forum to ask questions or to share your experience. 
  • Other benefits to this option includes access to the files section, hosting;

    A catalogue of the classes, making the latest content easier to find
    A catalogue of music regularly played in in-person classes
    Links to inspiring interviews and podcasts
    A list of other resources (practitioners and services) that may be of interest and benefit

'I love the way Gemma provides different levels of difficulty within each pose. Gemma has included all the areas she concentrates on in a regular class, but practising online means you can pause, fast forward or repeat as you want. It has been a wonderfully, soothing experience to be able to still have Gemma providing this piece of Zen in these turbulent times.' Linn B, Auckland

Option 2. Get classes sent straight to your inbox

  • This option offers you class content sent directly to your preferred email account. 
  • Get classes hot off the mat, with no need for additional social media accounts or log ins. 
  • A great, simple option for those who want the yoga without the frills. 
  • Of course you're not completely on your own and are welcome to still ask questions or share your experience with me anytime!
Gemma is very knowledgeable and explains very well how to effectively get to poses and their alternatives... Throughout the lockdown her online classes have been fantastic; helping to maintain a clear mind, a strong body, a nurtured spirit, and most of all instilling in us students a compassionate community feel... Thank you again Gemma'. Patricia Geisel, Auckland

Sign Me Up!

To get started and enjoy all of the yogic goodness that awaits, please follow the steps below:

Step 1. Payment 

The cost of a monthly subscription is NZ $45

To be paid online to:

Yoga with Gemma

12 3136 0478728 00

Please use the reference: SUBSCRIBE

Terms and conditions:

  • Access to the Facebook Group 'Yoga with Gemma Online' or your first emailed class, will be granted once payment has been received. Your membership will begin from this day and will expire 30 days after.
  • If you wish to continue your subscription, please ensure the next payment reaches me BEFORE your 30 days expires, otherwise you will be removed from the Facebook group or will cease receiving emailed classes.
  • A reminder will be sent 4 days before your subscription is due to 'renew'.
  • Alternatively, please let me know if you plan to set up a monthly direct debit to Yoga with Gemma (see above for account details.
  • No refunds will be given for monthly subscription.

Step 2. Contact me to let me know which option you prefer:

Facebook Group - A link will be sent for you to join.
Email - A class will be sent to get you started

Whoohooooo... we're off!

Unsure if what I am offering is suitable? Have other questions? Please contact me

NB: The classes offered Online are generally unsuitable for all stages of pregnancy due to many poses including core work, laying on the stomach, deep twists etc If you are pregnant I can, however, offer you private tuition via skype. 

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